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Cabot Nichole: fuckingdungeoncom

Just when you think you have a grip on life you stop and look around and go Huh, somethings not right Then it hits you! I'm a sad individual! LOL not really I'm dramatic and sarcastic! If you can't make fun of yourself then who can you make fun of right? Anywho back to me being sad! So I have my life together Job That the thought of going to everyday makes me want to jerk the wheel into the medium on the freeway, a car that's only 4 years old but it look like a cop car or something my grandma would drive but I got a great deal when I bought it new a house off of a cute little mountain in Nphx nope I don't have any negative comments for that. Great friends who are awesome to banter with and laugh with. Then few days ago I realized I have not cuddle with anyone in over two years. Huh when did I become this sad. It's a slow process....... Sincerely yours, Wasting my 20's not cuddling

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