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Initao Etzel: photo

A snow flake fell this morning ... which makes me happy because I am a cold weather person. Most of the time I am totally random and I say exactly what is on my mind even if it is what people don't want to hear. I work quite a bit and I keep strange hours so I value what little personal time I get meaning above all else you need to be worth my time because trust me, I am definately worth yours. I haven't survived this long without knowing how to be a calus bitch but rest assured that is not what most people would say about me. They would say I pay it forward far more often than I receive however I am a firm believer in karma. I'm not looking for a parasite or a leech, I could drink straight river water if that is what I wanted. You need to be a good conversationalist and have the ability to make me laugh. So start the conversation and lets see where it goes ...

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