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QuettrevillesurSienne Ynocencio: deepervalley

Hey guys.!! So my friends suck I'm the ONLY one who likes scary stuff movies,haunted houses, basically I like OCTOBER. Anyways so like I'm just lookin for some guys who like that kinda stuff. I'm not like a dork or lol gothic...just wanted to make sure that was clear. So if you're in the St. Charles area or even better IN St. Charles and u wanna go see some movies with me let me know So im black, 19 so plz dnt be older than 22 on the plus side, girlie, lol not ghetto, sorta kind single uhh long story and I swear I'm not a dork or like one of those weird girls who like anime or whatever P plz plz plz plz Plz no weirdos I'm not lookin for sex or anything down that line!!

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