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Greencastle Senerchia: photo

I am really wanting to talk to another human being of the opposite sex.... I have done this before only to get the sex only???????????? C'mon guys are any of you looking to settle down and comit to someone? A lot of you on here say that but when it comes right down to it, I can honestly say that its not there.... I want a relationship where I can give what love I have to someone, I want to be cherished, pampered, spolied and I want to do that to... I keep getting told that well I have gotten hurt we all have it doesnt mean that I or someone else you may been interested in are like the one that hurt you before.... I cant promise that I wont hurt you, I can only promise that it wont be intentional...My favorite quote is this Truth-is-everybody-is-going-to-hurt-you-you-just-gotta-find-the-ones-worth-suffering-for-Bob-MarleyI hope that what I have said may interest someone that has the same feeling....

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