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fuckyeahselfshooters thanks to emmapops for the submission
Sarras Diangelo: fuckyeahselfshooters thanks to emmapops for the submission

Aloha! I'm simply here to find out where all the men wandered off to. It's not as if I have trouble finding dates, but the intriguing ones are simply way too few and far between. I'm a free-spirited Aquarian, with a loyal heart and progressive vision. I've been married, divorced, worked for local government, was a sci-fi rock singer and dancer for awhile, ran a local theater/recording studio/lounge for a spell, and continue to add color to what's fast becoming an extremely NOVEL life. Believe it or not, I'm happiest in a steady, trusting and adoring relationship, because it's proven to be more rewarding than doing everything on your own. I simply refuse to settle for Mr. Right for right now, which is exactly what leads to unhappy marriages and unloved children. Duh - NO GOOD.

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