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Bolsterlang Koitzsch: photo

I've just ended a long term relationship and I'm not really into the bar scene, so I probably won't meet someone I like there. I figured I'd give this a shot. So, what about me? I'm smarter than the average person you'd meet on the street, but I'm not necessarily an academic. I'm attractive, but I'm also on the heavier side. I'm employed, but barely. I'm Jewish, but I'm also an atheist. I have a college degree, and I'm a few credits shy of receiving my next one. I'm a smoker. I'm going through a transitionary period in my life, and I don't completely have my stuff together, but it's coming along. So what am I looking for? I'm looking for somebody smarter than I am. I'm looking for somebody who has something going on for themselves. I would prefer somebody who is an atheist, but a nonpracticer is okay, too. I can't date anybody who is devout or republican. Let me know if you find me intriguing, and if you think I would find you intriguing.

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