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klara wester
'Ain el Hammam Delagol: klara wester

Hi men, I need some advise about a man I am involved with. I am younger and he is older, I could write real long lines but I will be to the point.I have deep-seated bad behaviors from my childhood. My man takes the quotcaptainquot role in our relationship- he is the boss the order giver etc... I accepted, he said I need to subordinate- thats how women should be to their men.Anyway, I need clarity,Is physical harm or the threat of physical harm administered as quotdisciplinequot ever warranted for any situation? Is it ever NOT considered abuse and why?He believes that the man should be in charge and that a woman should subordinate- that two leaders cannot accomplish anything- there can only be one general. I guess I could explain more, but I just needed some advise. A lot of what he says makes sense, but I don't feel that being a grown woman, I should have to be quotdisciplinedquot in such a manner. Please help me to understand his stance.Anything helps,Thank you.

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