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Bracieux Lazor: photo

Hey, so, this is new and a bit odd to me, but I'm going on 3 years without a decent relationship and I figure I should try a new plan.To describe myself, I'm 23 white, of average height 5'7quot and very curvy. I have brown hair though it's rarely actually brown and green eyes, gifts from my very Irish background.I'm highly intelligent, artistic and I can be a ton of fun. I like my personal time, so I'm not clingy. By all means, go hang out with the slutty chick from work tonight, just come home to me and we're cool.As far as my interests, its pretty much only music there is other stuff, but I don't feel like making a list. I like punk, hardcore and ska best, but I'll listen to anything with a good hook. I love to go to shows, I play in a band and there is no better rush for me than playing my music for packed rooms.Talking about myself is kinda hard, I say we get a conversation going and see how things go from there. email me, send pictures if you like, feel free to ask me anything.

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