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Xiaolingwei Oates: photo

Im not normal. I want someone. but not until our lives cross and I am able to meet you in your own life. But when that day comes you will know right than and there that I was the man that waited for you and you only. I have felt your touch even though we have never met, and I have heard your whisper even if I have never heard your name. You are the one can make me fall to me knees and than be the one to pick me back up. I will be the one who will carry you out of this world of hate and torture and show you a life not of hiding but truth and real emotions. Being happy will never be questioned and being sad will never be far from a warm and comforting hand. I do not know you yet but I love you, and one day I will show them all. I miss you. I will see you maybe not soon but I vow I will find you.

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